Managing the Stress of the Home Buying Process

Home Buying Process Jun

It is our duty as real estate agents to help clients deal with any anxiety or surprises that might arise when buying a home. We’ve assisted hundreds of home buyers throughout our collective careers and have dealt with countless unexpected scenarios and complications.

When things go wrong, it’s often out of the buyer’s control. Sellers might be unreasonable and argumentative. One can receive a low appraisal, or lenders may reject a loan. A home inspection may reveal defects, a title company can find an error, or a moving company can even go bankrupt.

Luckily, we’ve been there. Our experience allows us to predict possible problems and solve them before they develop into something more serious. We strive to keep home buyers well informed during the entire process—step-by-step—so they know exactly what to expect.

1. Review the Offer

When our clients make an offer, we like to go over important aspects with them and make sure they’re comfortable with its contents prior to signing. Offers can contain a variety of components, including but not limited to the purchase price, down payment, earnest money deposit, loan amount and terms, closing date, contract contingencies, and more.

2. Ease Your Mind After the Offer

Sometimes anxieties heighten after the offer is made. It’s common practice for prospective buyers to shake hands after an offer and mumble about hoping for what’s best, but they often feel butterflies and lose sleep wondering if the offer will be accepted. We are happy to assist clients through these hard times, and strive to remain available to discuss any feelings and concerns. Besides, every home buying situation is unique and requires different forms of support.

3. Look Towards the Future

Along with home buying situations differing from one another, its obvious that the buyers themselves differ as well. Most suitable stress management tactics simply depend on the person. Some people focus on more relaxing approaches, like slightly cutting back on chores in order to spend more spare time addressing home-buying issues. Some make a joint effort to make the process as fun as possible by discussing the enjoyable parts, such as a larger fenced-in yard, room for guests, or better water pressure. By discussing the things buyers are looking forward to having, the process becomes a lot more fun!

Other approaches are more broad but less obvious. Some people eat healthier, simply to deal with the effects of stress more effectively. Others spend more time with their children to make them feel more secure and safe in dealing with the changes to come.

No matter what, the surprises and challenges we overcome in the real estate business are what keeps us motivated. The relationships we form and the communication it requires serve as our most cherished aspects of the field. We can’t wait to work with you to make dreams come true! Contact us today to relieve some of the extra stress, and get started on your home buying journey today!

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