A Home Is Never Just a Building

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Any REALTOR can walk you through your property and give you the classic spiel:

“Your floor plan is attractive, yet the kitchen could really use some work. The antique windows add a nice aesthetic touch, but the inconvenient bathroom-to-bedroom ratio could scare away potential buyers, bringing the listing price down a notch.”

However, not all will give it to you straight.

Sure, honesty and helpful advice should be a top priority, but it’s also the unmatched understanding we possess that’s accounted for our leading status in Columbia, MO real estate. All houses have their flaws, but revealing the qualities that make your house a home remains our favorite part of the job. We enjoy investigating your family’s past, and unleashing the quirky details of your place that account for your most cherished memories. Besides, there’s no better way to sell a home than illustrating the real, genuine experiences that occurred and accounted for a great life!

As a team of six, we understand better than most that a home is far more than just a place to live.

It’s a place for the family to solidify as they grow, prosper, and cherish. After well over 40 years of combined experience, our team strives to provide ample information and knowledge about your property, as well as location and proximity to important places.

In short, Tracey Arey Real Estate does not hold back. We’ll tell you what décor needs to go, what changes are crucial before you put the house up for sale, or why your asking price just won’t work.

That being said, we also make an effort to understand why what may seem like a flaw to an outsider is actually a highly valued, hidden gem to the family—and therefore can do the same for the families to come.

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