The Search For The Perfect Family-Friendly Property

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Purchasing your first family-friendly home often requires more tough decision-making than you bargained for.

New living spaces can possess inconvenient qualities you’d never anticipate to affect your lifestyle so greatly. But with each unique family—and each bundle of joy—comes a unique set of difficulties. However, thinking ahead and sticking to a plan is a sure way to keep you in the clear of any lasting home-buying regrets!

It’s smart to begin the process by setting your budget.

More often than not, a new family has to walk away from the home they fell head-over-heels with when the financial reality finally sets in.

Consider your available cash first. This includes your home loan’s inevitable down payment, loan establishment fees, legal costs and other possibilities, such as mortgage insurance. It’s also smart to budget for your moving charges, new accessories and furniture, any renovations or remodeling, and landscaping that may be necessary. Look beyond the horizon of your monthly mortgage payment, and consider utility and HOA fees, ongoing maintenance, and the much-anticipated property taxes. Luckily, as a thriving college town and prized portion of Mid-Missouri, Columbia can be a great area to invest in, with house values trending upward and many features that are in demand!

Next, make sure you have a good sense of how much work is required to make the home what you want.

Remember, the little details have potential to make a big difference—like paint, molding, lighting, and hardware. A home that requires a kitchen remodel may not be a suitable choice for a family anticipating the arrival of a newborn due to factors such as loud noises and attention required.

Be sure to check out the neighborhood amenities as well.

In some areas, you’ll see kids riding bikes around or families taking walks more often than in others. Is there access to places that makes you happy? Sometimes, living on a busy road is worth the 50-yard walk to the park and convenient commute to work. Home amenities like a giant backyard or extra storage closet can also make up for any minor flaws within the indoor space.

Last but not least, think ahead.

While we’ve been touching on this throughout the previous paragraphs, we find it necessary to reiterate the importance of considering your future—and being realistic about it! It’s easy to say you’ll settle for the smaller house in the more urban part of town until you decide to grow your family… but will you really be willing to move again come the time? Is it worth the money and effort now? Or would it be more worthwhile to start transforming the spacious, more rural option on the other side of the city?

Whatever the family dynamic, we’ve worked with a plethora of families in finding a home most suitable for their lifestyle. Let us help you, today!

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